NET4SOCIETY publishes two bi-annual newsletters for the SSH research community with latest information on SSH calls, news within the European Commission and latest research developments.

The NET4SOCIETY e-newsletter addresses SSH researchers and stakeholders. It highlights news in SSH and displays events, useful documents and success stories.

“ISSUES – The Voice of SSH in Europe” is NET4SOCIETY’s newsletter for policy makers. It focuses on the impact aspects of SSH research. To subscribe to the ISSUES newsletter please send a message to sshpolicyinfo[at]

Click on the links below to display the NET4SOCIETY newsletters in HTML or as PDF file.

"ISSUES – The Voice of SSH in Europe" (addressing policy makers)

ISSUES November 2014 (website version)

ISSUES July 2014 (website version)

ISSUES September 2013 (website version)

ISSUES December 2012 (PDF version)

ISSUES March 2012 (PDF version)

NET4SOCIETY e-newsletter (addressing SSH researchers and SSH National Contact Points)

Newsletter November 2014 (website version)

Newsletter July 2014 (website version)

Newsletter December 2013

Newsletter June 2013 (website version) and PDF version

Newsletter Januar 2013 (PDF version)

Newsletter October 2012 (PDF version)

Newsletter June 2012 (PDF version)

Newsletter July 2011 (PDF version)

If you have questions or suggestions concerning our newsletters, please send a mail to




Newsletter for Third Countries (ICPC)

Issue 8 (January 2011)

Issue 7 (February 2010)

Issue 6 (December 2009)

Issue 5 (August 2009)

Issue 4 (July 2009)

Issue 3 (June 2009)

Issue 2 (April 2009)

Issue 1 (September 2008)





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