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In the last years, Net4Society organized numerous conferences on different topics relevant for the European research landscape. Additionally Net4Society periodically organizes Information Days and Brokerage Events on the Societal Challenge 6 Work Programmes.
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The conference "Democracy and Europe", organized by Net4Society, aimed to bring together perspectives that look at the past, tackle present challenges and look into the future of democracy in Europe and beyond. The conference was open to researchers, companies, policy makers or anyone with an interest in Europe’s democratic future. This encounter of multiple perspectives and actors – academics, civil society, and policy-makers – is of utmost importance to help us move towards a more democratic society.


This high-level conference took place in Brussels at the Royal Academy of Sciences on 29-30 October 2015 entitled “Trust: Research Co-creating Resilient Societies” co-organised by the European Commission (DG RTD) and Net4Society.

First session: “Europe in a changing world - Perspectives on 2050”  focused on trust concepts and definitions with a forward-looking perspective.

Second session: “Research matching society - From visions to actions” demonstrated how research can have a direct impact on economics, politics and society.

Third session: “Let’s work together – From ideas to innovations in Horizon 2020”, the Commission will present the Horizon 2020 SC6 Work Programme for 2016-2017. 


This international conference and brokerage event for the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) community in Research, Development & Innovation took place in Athens, Greece on 26th & 27th February 2014.

The event addressed issues such as:

  • The contributions SSH can make towards a more competitive Europe
  • The models we should follow to guide present and future generations along a sustainable path
  • Opportunities for SSH funding in Horizon 2020, the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
  • Identifying potential collaborators for the first calls of the new Horizon
    2020 programme

More details of the agenda, including main sessions and key speakers, are available at the event website:


The conference "Learning by doing - making interdisciplinarity work" on the role of interdisciplinarity in European research and perspectives from the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities took place on 15 January 2013 in Brussels.

The conference was organised by the international network of National Contact Points for Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) Net4Society in partnership with the European Alliance for the Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH).  The event allowed researchers from different disciplines and SSH stakeholders to interact in order to share experiences and good practices and finally draw lessons from interdisciplinary research projects in different FP7 themes.

The conference seeked to overcome the challenges in properly integrating contributions from the Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) into different research fields by
• Hearing experiences on interdisciplinary integration from current FP7 projects;
• Drawing lessons for future interdisciplinary research

The main aim of the conference was to identify successful paths for making multi- and interdisciplinarity effective. The event addressed research managers, funding organisations and researchers.The results of the conference will also be fed into a policy brief with policy recommendations. Speaker's presentations are available for download below.

A documentation of the discussions during the conference is available here: Proceedings of the conference

Agenda of the conference  


Net4Society hosted a transnational research event in July 2012, coinciding with the ESOF Dublin City of Science programme. The event was themed around the 2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.

Net4Society, the network of National Contact Points, supporting and promoting Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities (SSH) researchers’ engagement in FP7, hosted a transnational research and brokerage event, which was an official satellite event of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF). The event was themed around the 2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations and focused on the human and social aspects and implications of active ageing.

Thematic sessions were based on the following four key topics:

• Employment 
• Social participation
• Intergenerational solidarity
• Economy and innovation

Net4Society Brokerage Event on Societal Challenge 6 Work Programme 2017

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