Open Call for Joint Transnational Research Proposals

The JPI HDHL Joint Transnational Research Proposals: Development of targeted nutrition for prevention of undernutrition for older adults (PREVNUT)”  has published a call with  deadline 07 April 2020.


Full-Proposal: 07 April 2020 (17:00 CEST)

Publication Date:

20 January 2020

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Short Call Abstract:

Aims of the call

The aim of this call is to support transnational and transdisciplinary research projects that will improve the prevention of undernutrition in older adults. Proposals should focus on one or both of the following topics:

  • Improved understanding of how the balance between nutrition, lifestyle and physical exercise can prevent undernutrition. The studies should focus on the underlying biological mechanisms of the bioavailability, assimilation and metabolism of the macro- and/or micronutrients in food or food products and show how lifestyle and physical activity could modify these processes.
  • Development of innovative food products. The developed product should be based on new research on metabolism, on macro- and/or micronutrient bioavailability and absorption in older adults.

Research proposals are expected to be transdisciplinary. In order to achieve ambitious and innovative scientific goals, partners of each consortium should be comprised of several different fields and sectors such as academic and clinical researchers and allied professions, care workers, industry (e.g. food and social and health care industry) and other relevant organisations/stakeholders. Disciplines may include (but are not limited to) nutrition (including food chemistry/processing), biochemistry, physiology, psychology, sociology and social and health care. Proposals should clearly demonstrate the benefit of working together and the unique.

JPI HDHL provides a partnership tool to help researchers to establish consortia. The "PREVNUT partnership forum” is available to registered users after login, at the following link:  

Proposals should clearly demonstrate the benefit of working together and the unique contribution of each partner. The eligibility of these organisations and institutions is subject to the national/regional regulations of the individual funding organisations and may therefore vary.

Projects can be funded for a period of up to three years. Eligible costs may vary according to the corresponding funding organisations’ regulations. Each group will be subject to the rules and regulations of its respective national/regional funding agency.

SSH aspects (keywords/disciplines):

psychology, sociology and social care

Specific participation requirements (optional):

Eligibility Criteria

Only transnational projects will be funded: each consortium must involve three to six partners eligible for funding by the participating funding organisations from at least three different countries. No more than two eligible partners from the same country will be accepted in the same consortium. In addition, a maximum of two additional partners can join the consortium if they are able to perform their work on their own fund.