Societal Challenge 6 Online Brokerage Event

To further support networking between researchers and different stakeholders and the building of interdisciplinary, international consortia, Net4Society5 will organize an online brokerage event focussing on open topics in the Work Programme 2020 in Societal Challenge 6.

Net4Society Online Brokerage Event


This online event will virtually take place on 12.12.2019, 11:00 to 12:30 CET.

During the online brokerage event, Net4Society project partners will present a brief overview of the call topics in the Societal Challenge 6 (SC6) Work Programme 2020, Net4Society’s partner search services, and give participants an opportunity to introduce their research project idea through a three-minute, three-slide pitch during a “flash presentations session”.

Afterwards the participants will have the chance to discuss project ideas for the 2020 SC6 topics in pre-arranged bilateral meetings in separate virtual meeting rooms.

This format will bring together stakeholders in pre-arranged online meeting rooms to further develop joint ideas and initiatives.

This online event is foreseen for up to 50 participants.


The event is fully booked. The registration has been closed.


Flash presentation session

If you wish to hold a flash presentation during the online brokerage event, please download the template here and submit your presentation to Mr. Dominik Klinkenberg with a final deadline of 9 December 2019. Presentations failing to follow the template and the instructions therein, especially presentations exceeding the allowable number of slides, may be rejected without further consideration of their content or quality.

The flash presentations will be selected in advance of the event following submission of a presentation proposal.Please note that the number of slots available for flash presentations is limited and that not all entries can be selected.

Trial run

To guarantee a smooth run of the Online Brokerage, we will offer a trial run prior to the event to avoid any technical difficulties. Participants will receive further information after registration.