UNCHARTED - Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture

UNCHARTED- Understanding, Capturing and Fostering the Societal Value of Culture- is a four years research and innovation action that investigates the value of culture and the impact of cultural policies in Europe. Its Consortium comprises 9 partners, leaded by the University of Barcelona.

The main target of UNCHARTED investigation is the valuation practices of the actors involved in cultural life. In this respect, three areas and three types of fundamental actors in the value dynamics of culture are distinguished:

  • the field of cultural participation, in which citizenship is the protagonist
  • the field of cultural production and heritage, where the professionals of creation and preservation are the ones who take the initiative
  • the field of cultural administration, in which it is the experts and politicians who decide.

These are the starting points to structure the study of the different aspects involved in this evaluative dynamic: the emergence of values, the configuration of a value order and the political impulse of values.

UNCHARTED is very active in the dissemination of information related to the new value of culture considered in its  widest, multidisciplinary and holistic perspective. Therefore, it is happy to launch a call for cooperation addressed to organizations and projects willing to mutually exchange knowledge and experiences in its field of research.

Download the full text of the UNCHARTED deliverables here

For more information about UNCHARTED visit : www.uncharted-culture.eu

To join the UNCHARTED network contact us at: dissemination-uncharted@promoter.it