Open Call in JPI More Years Better Lives - Deadline 3 April 2017

The JPI More Years Better Lives has launched a call for transnational research proposals. Deadline for proposal submission is April 3, 2017.

Deadline: 3 April 2017


Short Call Abstract:

Research topics:

1. Technologies: research needs to explore how existing and emerging technologies can be implemented in an optimal way to contribute to quality of life for older people, and how policy decisions, standards and incentives to designers and commercial organisations can support positive developments.

2. Place: the physical environment is shaped by a very complex mix of factors, historical and contemporary. We need to better understand how these interact to affect the quality of life of older people, especially in very old age (80 plus); and how they can be developed in a coherent and economical way.

3. Learning: in all its forms, is critical to people’s ability to make the best use of the opportunities available to them, as to avoid cognitive decline. While it is clear that learning can contribute to quality of life across the extended lifespan, we need to better understand how opportunities for such learning can best be made available, by public, private and third sector means.

Each application shall address the topic of Technology (1). Applications may also address topics of Place (2) and Learning (3), in relation with Technology (1).

SSH aspects:

Demographic change, ageing, social behaviour, users’ acceptance of technologies, social engagement, quality of life


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