Open Call in Joint Undertaking ECSEL - Deadline 11 May 2017

The Joint Undertaking ECSEL – "Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership" has published a call with Deadline 11 May 2017.


Stage one (Proposal outline): 11 May 2017
Stage two (Full proposals): 22 September 2017


Short Call Abstract:

The call focuses on Innovation Actions and Research and Innovation Actions in the area of electronic components and electronic systems.

Application areas are:
• smart mobility,
• smart society,
• smart energy,
• smart health,
• smart production.

The call also promotes essential technological capability aspects such as process technologies, design technologies, cyber-physical systems, smart systems integration and safety/security.

SSH aspects:

Human-vehicle interaction (Area “Smart Mobility”, Topic “1.2 ECS for partial, conditional, highly and fully automated transportation”)

Expectations, doubts, valuations of end-users with regard to applications (Area “Smart Society”)

Understanding of societal needs (and consequences) with regard to applications (Area “Smart Society”)

Ethics with regard to data management (Area “Smart Health)

Human-Machine interaction (“Cyber-Physical Systems”, Topic 8.2 “Enabling technologies for autonomous, adaptive and cooperative CPS”)


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