Open Call in "ERAMIN 2" ERA-NET Cofund on Raw Materials - Deadline 5 May 2017

The "ERAMIN 2" ERA-NET Cofund on Raw Materials has published a call with Deadline 5 May 2017.


Pre-proposals: 05 May 2017
Full-proposals: 28 September 2017


Short Call Abstract:

The research, development and innovation topics to be funded under the ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017 address all aspects of the non-energy, non-agricultural raw materials life cycle, covering both primary and secondary resources.
5 topics supported by ERA-MIN Joint Call 2017:
1. Supply of raw materials from exploration and mining:
2. Design
3. Processing, Production and Remanufacturing
4. Recycling of End-of-Life Products
5. Cross-cutting topics that are relevant to any part of the raw materials life cycle can also be specifically addressed. Therefore, within this topic we are looking for proposals which propose non-technological innovations in order to increase the economic, environmental and social sustainability in the raw materials sector regarding: a) New business models, b) Improvement of methods or data for environmental impact assessment, c) Social acceptance and trust/public perception of raw materials.

SSH aspects:

Besides technological innovations, non-technological aspects will play an important role paving the way to a circular economy.
Consortia may include players from the public and private sector with different backgrounds, e.g. physical scientists, engineers and technology developers, but also social scientists and policy advisors working closely together and covering different parts of the raw materials cycle.


For topic 5:
Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Sloovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey.


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