Open Call in JPI on Cultural Heritage - Deadline 22 June 2017

The JPI on Cultural Heritage has launched a call for transnational research proposals. Deadline for proposal submission is June 22, 2017.

Deadline: 22 June 2017

Weblink: http://www.jpi-culturalheritage.eu/wp-content/uploads/Pre-announcement-JPICH-Digital-Heritage-Call.pdf

Short Call Abstract:

Topics for the Digital Heritage joint Call

Digital Heritage is an important emerging field of inter-disciplinary research in which a wide range of digital methods are applied to the creation, exploration, study, understanding, interpretation, presentation, dissemination of tangible and intangible heritage, whether digitized or born-digital. It also includes the use of digital methodologies for the conservation and protection of heritage and for promoting the community engagement with, and use of, heritage.

The aims of the JPICH Digital Heritage call are:

  • to support well -defined, interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects of the highest quality and standards that will lead to significant advances in our understanding of cultural heritage across the broader research community and the society;
  • to maximise the value of research outcomes by promoting knowledge exchange with individuals and organisations outside the immediate research community, to include policy makers, businesses and commercial enterprises, the broader heritage sector, voluntary and community groups and the general public;
  • to support a range of interactions and partnerships between cultural heritage researchers and a variety of user communities, to include policy makers, businesses and commercial enterprises, the broader heritage sector, voluntary and community groups and the general public , thereby maximizing the value of the research outcomes.

Research proposals on Digital Heritage are not expected to focus on a single topic, but instead are invited to consider approaches combining multiple topics.

The call will support research projects across the following broad headings:

  • The Critical: Engagements with Digital Heritage
  • The Curatorial: Communities and Digital Heritage
  • Safeguarding Digital Heritage

SSH aspects:

Cultural heritage, cultural impacts, policy aspects, educational aspects, economic aspects, digital methodologies, interdisciplinarity

Specific participation requirements:

The main eligibility criteria are:
• Duration of projects: up to 36 months;
• Each project proposal must comprise of at least three research teams, each based in an eligible institution in a different country participating in the Digital Heritage Call. The maximum number of research teams in a project proposal is five.
• Applications must be in accordance with the eligibility requirements relevant for the national research teams in the transnational research consortia and not exceed the maximum budgets to be requested therein.


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