Open Call in JPI Cultural Heritage (JPICH) - Deadline 30 November 2017

The JPI Cultural Heritage has launched a call for transnational research proposals. Deadline for proposal submission is November, 30 2017.

Weblink: http://www.jpi-culturalheritage.eu/ 

Short Call Abstract:

Topics for the Changing Environment joint call:

Three broad categories of the changing environments of heritage are addressed in this call:
changing (physical) environments; changing social and economic environments;
and changing political and cultural environments.

Projects funded through this call will use cultural heritage to address global challenges such as the impacts of climate change, environmental deterioration, migration, demographic and social change, and diasporic change, urbanisation and de-ruralisation, economic inequity, changing perceptions and sustainability. Many other important themes cross-cut these topics, notably the benefits of interdisciplinarity and the integration of different approaches both within and beyond the heritage field. An important aspect of projects within this call will be the relationships between researchers and a broad range of stakeholders outside the academic sector, and the potential to influence policy-makers in key areas of heritage management and planning.

The aims of the call are:

• to support well-defined, innovative, interdisciplinary, internationally-focussed and collaborative research projects of the highest quality and standards that will lead to significant advances in cultural heritage practice across a broad range of research communities and societies, notably through trans-frontier exchange and in international contexts;

• to maximise the value of research outcomes by promoting knowledge exchange with individuals and organisations outside the immediate research community, to include policy makers, businesses and commercial enterprises, the broader heritage sector, voluntary and community groups and the general public;

• to support a range of interactions and partnerships between cultural heritage researchers and a variety of user communities, to include policy makers, businesses and commercial enterprises, the broader heritage sector, voluntary and community groups and the general public, thereby maximizing the value of the research outcomes.

The projects supported by this call will, in combination, achieve a comprehensive view of heritage in terms of:

i) breadth (urban and rural, ancient and modern, landscapes and archaeological sites, buildings and historic areas, ‘everyday’ as well as special places),

ii) spatial scale (from the local to the regional, national or European),

iii) mode of expression (mainly focussing on tangible [built and landscape] heritage, but not overlooking intangible and digital),

iv) the plurality of values attached to heritage,

v) the range of current approaches (notably people-centred paradigms) to heritage planning, conservation and the management of change.

SSH aspects:

Humanities, cultural aspects, economic aspects, creativity, sustainability, management aspects, role of public / private / civil society organisations, communication aspects, educational aspects, assessment of policies, socio-economic innovation, values

Specific participation requirements:


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