Open Call in Art. 185-Initiative "BONUS" - Deadline 09 November 2017

The Art. 185-Initiative "BONUS" has launched a call for transnational research proposals. Deadline for proposal submission is November 9, 2017.
Call for proposals for projects devoted to synthesize and review the research outputs that address the challenges for sustainable use of the Baltic sea ecosystem Services.


  • Pre-registration deadline: 09 October 2017
  • Full proposals: 09 November 2017

Weblink: https://www.bonusportal.org/programme/competitive_calls/bonus_call_2017_synthesis

Short Call Abstract:

This call sets out to synthesise the research outputs that address the challenges for sustainable use of the Baltic Sea ecosystem services. As inherent elements of knowledge synthesis, the proposed projects are expected to perform critical review of research outputs as well as identify the knowledge gaps and further research needs.

Each proposal must address one of the following topics:

• Sustainable marine and freshwater aquaculture development perspectives in the Baltic Sea Region

• A synthesis of knowledge on the Baltic Sea food webs including an outlook for priority future studies

• Towards improved environmental status assessment and monitoring systems for the Baltic Sea

• Policy instruments and institutions for nutrient abatement

• High frequency automated in situ observations in the Baltic Sea

• Development of a unified access point for science-based virtual decision support tools for ecosystem-based management in the Baltic Sea and its Drainage

• Non-monetary values of the Baltic Sea ecosystem goods and services provided to human lifestyles and well-being

• Improved maritime risk analysis and mitigation

• Cumulative effects of human activities: linear and non-linear interactions and knowledge gaps

SSH aspects:

Each project funded will be also expected to analyse how successfully the outputs of science have been taken up at different levels of public governance and management, and by industry, and suggest ways to enhance the societal significance and impact of research and innovation relevant to the specific topic.
Topics require an interdisciplinary approach and shall therefore be examined from different angles, e.g. natural science, technology, economy, social aspects.

Specific participation requirements:

At least three legal entities participate in the proposal, each of which is established in a different EU member state or associated country; at least two of these countries must be BONUS participating states.

More information at: https://www.bonusportal.org/files/5802/BONUS_Briefing_28_Synthesis.pdf


Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden


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