Success Stories: Impact of Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities

Research from socio-economic sciences and humanities (SSH) supports the achievement of policy targets and contributes to the benefit of society and economy in manifold ways. It provides essential knowledge for understanding the world we live in in terms of politics, economy and culture. It helps to shape identities, to understand human diversity and to hold communities together. In many cases, SSH research results shape policy and legislation actions.

However, this impact is often difficult to measure and not as visible as e.g. a technological innovation developed in a research project. To increase the visibility of this impact, NET4SOCIETY produced success stories on SSH projects funded under FP7 that had a considerable impact – not only on research but also on policy, society or economy.

The projects are selected on the basis of the visibility of their impact. Another criterion is the active involvement of policy makers and other stakeholders. For identifying the projects, NET4SOCIETY made use of its NCP network members’  experience and knowledge of FP7 projects.

NET4SOCIETY Impact Success Story 1 - MERCURY (November 2012)

NET4SOCIETY Impact Success Story 2 - ENACT (January 2013)

NET4SOCIETY Impact Success Story 3 - ENRI-East (January 2013)

NET4SOCIETY Impact Success Story 4 - FAMILYPLATFORM (January 2013)

NET4SOCIETY Impact Success Story 5 - INCLUD-ED (January 2013)

NET4SOCIETY Impact Success Story 6 - INNODRIVE (January 2013)

NET4SOCIETY Impact Success Story 7 - PRIV-WAR (January 2013)


  • NET4SOCIETY SSH Impact Success Stories

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    A collection of seven SSH projects with high impacts (URL:


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