10.01.2013 - 05.04.2013

Joint Pilot Call of JPI on Cultural Heritage (JPI-JHEP)

Joint Pilot Transnational Call for Proposals: Funding of Research Projects in Cultural Heritage

Deadline: 5 April 2013

Publication Date: 10 January 2013

Weblink (URL): http://www.jpi-culturalheritage.eu/jhep-joint-pilot-call/

Short Call Abstract: 

The research topics on which this JPI-JHEP Joint Call is focused are:
1. Methods, tools (including non-invasive instruments) and modelling for understanding damage and decay mechanisms (including the effects of weathering and climate change) on tangible heritage (including buildings, sites and landscapes);
2. Materials, technologies and procedures for the conservation of tangible cultural heritage;
3. Use and re-use of buildings and landscapes, including the relationship between changes of use and public policy, including costs and added value (for example as a result of planning regulations and urban development);
4. Increasing understanding of cultural values, valuation, interpretation, ethics and identity around all forms of cultural heritage (tangible, intangible and digital heritage).

SSH aspects: 

urban / community development; ecology; social, cultural and ethical aspects of cultural heritage; values; regulatory & legal aspects / frameworks

Specific participation requirements: 

Consortia consisting of at least 3 research groups, each based in an eligible institution from the different country participating in this call (see weblink for more information on participating countries and participation requirements).


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