15.02.2013 - 03.05.2013

Open Call in ERA-Net SUSFOOD

The ERA-Net "Sustainable Food production and consumption" (SUSFOOD) has launched its first Joint Call for Proposals.

Deadline: 3 May 2013 - 3 p.m. CET

Publication Date:  15 February 2013

Weblink (URL): https://www.susfood-era.net/index.php?index=16

Short Call Abstract: 

The research project consortia must apply to at least one of the three call topics:

1.Improving input, waste and side flow strategies to increase resource efficiency and provide added value in food products and food processing, manufacture, reducing input (energy, water) in the food chain
2.Innovation in food processing technologies and food products to support a sustainable food chain
3.Understanding consumer behaviour to encourage a (more) sustainable food choice (Sustainable production and consumption of food  i.e. with reduced  impact on environment and climate can only be achieved if all the food chain actors i.e. the food industry, government, customers and consumers (low-income  population in particular) work together to encourage, produce and consume a  healthy, nutritious, affordable and sustainable diet. There is a need to develop new nutritional recommendations that take dietary value as well as sustainability into account)

The call is divided into two sections:

1.Section "Research": Project consortia are expected to be formed by research organisations
2.Section "Research and Innovation": Project consortia are expected to be formed by research organisations and industry (enterprises)

SSH aspects: 

Consumer behaviour, governance, role of knowledge exchange, translation of research into use, information management and sharing

Specific participation requirements:

Please always refer to Call Fiche with regard to participation requirements!

• The project consortia has to consist of researchers from at least three countries funding the ERA-Net SUSFOOD call (see call website);
• Researchers from countries who do not fund the SUSFOOD call are welcome to participate in project proposals as associated project partners on the condition that they are proven financially covered;
• Industry participation is possible via the “Research and Innovation”-section of the SUSFOOD call (see National Regulations);
• The eligibility of each organization has to be checked according to the national criteria published in the National Regulations;
• If one or more partners of the project consortium appear not to be eligible, the Call Group, which consists of all funding partners, will decide case-by case whether to give the project consortium the possibility to solve the eligibility problem or to reject the pre-proposal.


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