Top European social sciences and humanities scholars ask Commissioner Geoghegan-Quinn to give substance to her convictions on the importance of social sciences and the humanities in Europe

An impressive list of top social scientists and humanities scholars from the north to the south of Europe have signed a letter to ask the European Commissioner for Research, Mrs Geoghegan-Quinn, to deliver on her recent speaches in London and Vilnius on the importance of social sciences and humanities (SSH) in Europe.

The European budget for social sciences and humanities (SSH) under the previous funding period 2007-2013 was already tiny (1.2% of the total FP7 budget), but the European Commission wants to reduce it severely. Stressing that an open letter signed by more than 25,000 SSH scholars had already been ignored by the Commission, these top European scholars ask for coherence between the Commissioner's intentions and policies if Europe is to be serious about its plans for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies.

The letter can be downloaded here.


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