Open Call in ERA-Net BESTF - Deadline 10 February 2014 (Submission of outlines)

The ERA-Net BESTF (Bioenergy Sustaining the Future) has published a call on "Bioenergy demonstrations of the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative".

Deadline:  10 February 2014 (for submission of outlines) - Deadline for submission of full proposals: 12 May 2014

Publication Date: 11 December 2013

Weblink (URL):  

Short Call Abstract: 
BESTF2 aims to provide financial support to pre-commercial bioenergy projects that demonstrate collaboration, innovation and industry focus. It will encourage collaboration across the EU, by bringing partners together to deliver demonstration projects, and encourage commercialisation by ensuring strong industry leadership. 
Projects must address one or more of these seven value chains:
 i. Synthetic liquid fuels and/or hydrocarbons and blending components via gasification
ii. Bio-methane and other synthetic gaseous fuels from biomass via gasification
iii. High-efficiency heat and power generation via gasification of biomass
iv. Bioenergy carriers via other thermochemical processes (e.g. pyrolysis, torrefaction)
v. Ethanol and higher alcohols from lignocellulosic feedstock via fermentation
vi. Renewable hydrocarbons through biological and/or chemical synthesis from biomass containing carbohydrates
vii. Bioenergy carriers from CO2 and sunlight through microorganism-based production and upgrading into fuels and valuable bio-products

SSH aspects: 
Proposals addressing these value chains may include scientific, technological, commercial research and economic studies which contribute directly to the goals and objectives of BESTF2, and which are firmly integrated into the abovementioned demonstration project.
Such accompanying research must aim to determine the KPIs of the project and evaluate activities in the context of the SET-Plan. This may include, for example, scientific or technological assessments of the novel technology or system, life cycle analysis, techno-economic modelling, and conceptual planning  and design of a new industrial-scale plant.

Specific participation requirements:
The BESTF2 joint call will support projects that:
1. Are within the scope of BESTF2 (see scope) and the respective national / regional programme;
2. Are industry-led with at least 51% of person-months and costs incurred by the industrial
partners, not taking into account non-technical sub-contracts;
3. Address at least one of the following seven value chains provided above (see scope);
4. Demonstrate value for money;
5. Have appropriate sources (either internal or external) of matched funding. Allocation of funding will only be possible upon the verification of these third party funds.



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