Open Call in ERA-Net SUSFOOD (SUStainable FOOD production and consumption) - Deadline 1 April 2014 (for pre-proposals)

The ERA-Net SUSFOOD has published its second transnational call on sustainable food production and consumption

Deadline:  01 April 2014, 3 PM CET (Submission deadline for pre-proposals)

Publication Date: 01 February 2014

Weblink (URL):

Short Call Abstract: 

The call is divided into two sections:
1) Section“Research”:
Project consortia are expected to be formed only by research organisations
2) Section“Research and Innovation”:
Project consortia are expected to be formed by research organisations and industry (enterprises)

TOPIC I. Innovation in food processing technologies
There is a need for flexible, innovative food manufacturing, and resilient processes and systems. Opportunities must be identified to increase competitiveness, efficiency, and economic growth in a low-carbon European food and drink sector. Research needs to support innovative solutions to achieve sustainably produced food, through more efficient food processing, packaging and distribution

TOPIC II . Redesign input, waste and side flow strategies to increase resource efficiency and provide added value in food processing, manufacture etc.
The food supply chain is complex and at all stages resources are used, greenhouse gasses emitted and waste is generated. Rising prices of raw materials, energy and water, together with water scarcity, regulation of greenhouse gases and waste management have an increasing impact on food production.

TOPIC III. Interdisciplinary research approach to innovative food products and use of new raw materials for food products
There is a need for research in use of new raw materials for production of ingredients or foods based on side streams or by-products, which are important sources for a sustainable food production

SSH aspects: 


• The research may include impact assessment, including economic aspects of reduced (food) waste.
• Supply chain management, energy, water and environment in connection with future production systems, including distribution services, waste management, recycling, and choice of packaging materials

Specific participation requirements: 


Transnational consortium of at least three independent eligible legal entities from at the minimum three of those SUSFOOD countries, who provide funding for the 2nd Cal



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