Open Call in Art.185-Initiative BONUS - Preregistration deadline 17 March 2014

The Art. 185-Initiative "BONUS-Science for a bette future of the Baltic sea region" has published a call on sustainable ecosystem services.

Deadline: 17 March 2014 (Preregistration), 16 April 2015 Proposal Submission

Publication Date: 16 January 2014

Weblink (URL):

Short Call Abstract: 

Themes addressed: Each proposal must address one key theme from those opened for this call and two to four supplementary themes from those included in the BONUS strategic research agenda 2011–2017, update 2014

Call Topics:

  • 2: Meeting the multifaceted challenges in linking the Baltic
    Sea with its coast and catchment: 2.3. Integrated approaches to coastal management
  • 3: Enhancing sustainable use of coastal and marine goods and
    services of the Baltic Sea: 3.1. Enhanced, holistic cross-sector maritime risk analysis and management, including effects of new technologies, human factor, climate change effects in open water and in ice, and interaction with onshore activities; 3.2. Assessing the effects of air and water pollution and introduction of energy (including noise) by shipping activities on the marine environment and integrated water management in harbours
  • 4: Improving the capabilities of the society to respond to the current and future challenges directed to the Baltic Sea region: 4.1. Governance structures, policy performance and policy instruments; 4.2. Linking ecosystem goods and services to human lifestyles and wellbeing; 4.3. Maritime spatial planning from local to Baltic Sea region scale

SSH aspects: 

Coastal management, sustainable use, risk management, human factor, societal capabilities to respond to current and future challenges, governance structures, policy performance and policy instrument, human lifestyles and wellbeing, spatial planning

Specific participation requirements: 


At least three legal entities participate in the proposal, each of which
is established in a different EU member state or associated country;
at least two of these countries must be BONUS participating states
(Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland or


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