Open Call in ERA-Net Bioenergy - Deadline 12 January 2015 (Outlines)

The ERA-Net Bioenergy has published its 9th Joint Call for Proposals.

Deadline: 12 January 2015, 1pm CET (outlines), 08 June 2015, 1pm CET (full proposals)

Publication Date: 11 November 2014

Weblink (URL):

Short Call Abstract: 

Proposals may focus on different bioenergy value chains or energy uses (heating/cooling, electricity, transport biofuels), but in all cases, the question of economic, environmental and social sustainability of the concept/value chain must be addressed in the proposal.
Ideally, concepts enable full or improved usage of the raw material and/or put the focus on residues, by-products and other forms of raw material that minimise competition with food production.
Concepts that integrate the production of a range of different products/intermediates (chemicals, compound materials, bioenergy incl. transport biofuels) may also be addressed, but projects relevant to this call are expected to focus on added value of energetic uses (bioenergy incl. transport biofuels).

SSH aspects: 

In all cases, the question of economic, […] and social sustainability of the concept/value chain must be addressed in the proposal.
All proposals must be put in context of the national political/legal framework, […], and techno-economic as well as socio-economic market situation in the countries in which work will be carried out.

Specific participation requirements: 

Projects must have at least 2 partners from two different countries with funding agencies participating in the call (Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden
Switzerland) with the project’s outputs and benefits shared between all parties. It may be easier for applicants to show the added European value of their proposed work if more than two countries are involved.
Partners from other countries are welcome to join consortia on their own resources.
As projects are expected to be market-oriented, it is strongly recommended that one or more industrial partners participate in the consortium.



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