Open Call in Art. 185-Initiative EMPIR - Deadline 29 September 2015

The Art. 185-Initiative EMPIR „European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research“ has published a call on Support for Impact projects designed to increase the impact from completed iMERA-Plus and EMRP Projects.

Deadline: 29 September 2015

Publication Date: 05 August 2015


Short Call Abstract:

Support for Impact actions are coordination and support actions.
Research and development activities are not eligible to be funded in SIPs, instead there is a clear focus on dissemination and exploitation activities.
A key requirement is an external request for the work from an organisation ready to take up the outputs of the project and move them on to impact outside the metrology community. The organisation making this request is called the Primary Supporter. Without such a willing recipient expressing support for the proposal and identifying the actions they will take with the outputs of the project, the proposal would have no evidence of the route to impact and should not be funded.
SIPs must be based on research outputs from a completed iMERA-Plus, EMRP or EMPIR Joint Research Project-the Related JRP.

SSH aspects:

One of the request of this Call is to explain the economic, social and environmental impact that the project will make across Europe (and internationally) and where possible qualifying each of the impacts numerically.
You should also provide details of who will benefit from the project, and which aspects of the project each stakeholder group will benefit from.

Specific participation requirements:



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