Open Call in Art. 185-Initiative BONUS - Deadline 10 March 2016

The Art. 185 Initiative "BONUS - Science for a better future of the Baltic Sea Region" has published a call with preregistration deadline 9 February 2016 and proposal submission deadline 10 March 2016.


Preregistration deadline: 9 February 2016
Proposal submission deadline: 10 March 2016

Publication date

9 November 2015


Short Call Abstract

BONUS launches calls that fund projects which address the objectives of the BONUS strategic research agenda 2011-2017. The calls are targeting multi-partner and transnational projects, encouraging participation of small and medium-sized enterprises and other end-users. BONUS calls include research, innovation, training and dissemination activities.
The BONUS strategic research agenda is the backbone of the BONUS programme on which all the BONUS calls and hence the projects funded are based on.
The five strategic objectives deal with ecosystem, coast and catchment area, marine goods and services, societal responses, and observation and data management in the Baltic Sea region.

SSH aspects

Theme 2.4: Eco-technological approaches to achieve good ecological status in the Baltic Sea
Foci on (i) economic models supporting elaboration of regulations and incentives facilitating eco-technological development and on (ii) an evidence-based review of the feasibility of new technological solutions and/or biomanipulation methods.

Theme 4.2: Linking ecosystem goods and services to human lifestyles and well-being Focus on quantification of the socioeconomic value of the ecosystem services and developing models for comparative and consequential analyses of cumulative benefits and trade-offs among different marine ecosystem services.

Specific participation requirements

At least three legal entities participate in the proposal, each of which is established in a different EU member state or associated country; at least two of these countries must be BONUS participating states (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland or Sweden)


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